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For over 50 years, AGEH has been a reliable partner for specialists and competent recruiters for numerous church and other civil society organisations in international development cooperation. As a state-recognized personnel service provider, we place qualified specialists from Germany and the European Union who are oriented towards Christian values in projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Since its foundation in 1959 by Catholic associations and organisations, AGEH has been able to place over 6,000 specialists in development projects.

Would you like to send us an unsolicited application? Gladly!

If you are suitable, we will add your data to our pool and correct you if we see an opportunity. Our newsletter keeps you up to date with the latest news from AGEH..

Please use the online application form on our job portal.


About us:

Since its foundation in 1959 by Catholic associations and organisations, AGEH has been able to place over 6,000 specialists in development projects.

This balance bears witness to the experience we have gained in the field of human resources development cooperation. Expert knowledge that benefits organizations and professionals alike. On the one hand, we support organisations throughout the entire process of personnel identification and support: from the definition of the job requirement and the selection of applicants to contractual regulations and the social security of the skilled workers and their families. On the other hand, we support specialists before, during and after their deployment and offer an extensive personnel development programme for further training. As a result, up to 280 AGEH specialists are deployed in 60 countries around the world every year.

Our project sponsors and clients include organisations such as Misereor and Caritas international, religious communities, dioceses and many other ecclesiastical and extra-church non-governmental organisations.

Our work is based on the values of the Christian faith. In everything we do, the focus is on people, their dignity and tolerance for their values. We understand this principle both as a commitment and a mission.

We are convinced that human suffering can be alleviated sustainably through joint, intercultural action. AGEH has set itself the goal of helping as many people as possible to lead a self-determined life that can be shaped with dignity. The key to effective change in living environments: A process that begins with the direct encounter of the people on site and their everyday situation. Further information can be found here.

What you should bring:

  • As an AGEH specialist, you should have expertise in one of the following areas and have already applied it professionally - in Germany or abroad:
  • Organisational development or management in non-profit projects or organisations
  • adult education
  • doctor's stuff
  • rural or urban development
  • Peace and conflict work
  • public relations
  • Emergency and reconstruction aid

In addition, they should

  •     can imagine working for three years on projects of ecclesial cooperation,
  •     speak and write a foreign language,
  •     Have desire on the exchange of different cultures of this world,
  •     I am not afraid to describe Christian values such as solidarity, humanity and mutual respect as part of their motivation.

What we offer you:

  • As a specialist in development cooperation, you can expect a variety of new tasks and challenges.
  • We offer you, tailored to your new job, an individual personnel development with many offers. You will find some of these in our AGEH Seminar Program 2018, which we are publishing in cooperation with Dienste in Übersee gGmbH - Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung e.V.. They receive further training in regional studies, languages or other technical subjects as well as coaching and supervision".
  • In addition, AGEH pays an internationally customary maintenance allowance and provides you and your family with further extensive social and security benefits.
  •  As a state-approved personnel service, AGEH works with over 150 organisations. As an AGEH specialist, you benefit from this worldwide network. This not only opens up interesting fields of activity all over the world, it also makes it easier for you to settle in on site.
  •  Working with the AGEH active model

Your contact person:

David Breunsbach-Riesner /Annette Hausmann

Phone: +49 (0)221 8896 -273/272




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